THRIVE Spotlight: Catie Pusey

We're over the moon about the newest member of THRIVE's Postpartum & Infant Care Doula team, Catie Pusey.  We want you to get to know the real Catie, so we are sharing some fun facts about her today.  If you want to read the other team members' spotlights, here are Maria's, Elisha's, Chloe's, and Meisha's

  1. I have two yellow labs, three chickens, and a rescue duck who thinks she is a chicken! 

  2. I am a registered nurse. I have worked in the Operating Room for the past three years, spending most of my time in Orthopedic surgeries. 

  3. I am obsessed with the Outlander series & John Mayer... not that the two have any correlation.

  4. We do not have cable or internet at our house. HAHA and we are all surviving just fine :) 

  5. I'm really into creating family traditions with my family especially around the holidays ( I don't know why). I can't believe my husband actually goes along with the things I ask him to do. He is a good sport. 

  6. I have been known to stay up ALL NIGHT long to finish a book. I can't even let myself read lately because I have no self control...whoops. 

  7. I did one round of the Whole30 and it was the BEST sleep I have ever had. 

  8. I don't think anything smells as good as a newborn baby does. I dare someone to argue with that. 

  9. My dream vacation is traveling to Europe with my husband and daughter. 

  10. I somehow ended up on the Sailing team in college (I had never sailed before) and it was the best experience with the best people. 

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