Thrive Spotlight: Elisha Immanuel

We're back with another installment of Thrive Spotlight.  We love when our clients really get to know us, so we are sharing some fun and interesting facts with you!  Up next, we're casting the spotlight on the fabulous doula and placenta encapsulation specialist, Elisha Immanuel.


1.  I love to cook and prepare foods.  I would like to go to culinary school, but only to have more knowledge at my finger tips.  I would never want to work as a chef, too fast paced for me.  

2.  My favorite movie is Ever After and has been since I was young.  It is the only movie I have ever been able to fall asleep during...only because I have seen it an uncountable amount of times. 

3.  I enjoy knitting everything under the sun!  I also enjoy making my own patterns and deciding how to edit other patterns I find.  I have always found creating things with my hands is very rewarding, I used to make clothing for my barbies at a young age.  

4.  My favorite foods and drinks are: Indian food, Thai food, New York pizza, Sushi, Coffee, Matcha tea and any hot tea.  

5.  I never expected to be so emotional when attending births.  But when you hear a baby's first cry... well I just can't help but to tear up and feel amazingly overwhelmed with joy!  There is just nothing that compares.  

6.  I grew up on Elliott Island, a very beautiful and extremely remote island in Dorchester County.  I would play in the woods, read books in my hidden tree, and play in Fishing Bay all summer long (even with the jelly fish).  Walking along the beach and riding my bike all over the island are wonderful memories!  

7.  I've enjoyed becoming part of the community while vending at the Easton Farmers Market; I love sharing my knit products, natural body care, prepared foods and our many potted plants with everyone. 

8.  I love all music... well most, though I'd say my go to music genre is Indie Folk any day of the week.  I especially love Milky Chance, Mumford and Sons, Lumineers and Bon Iver.  I also love Oldies, Classical, and always Reggae! 

9.  I always want to be by the water with my kids, it is one of my top happy places!  The ocean is pure magic and healing.  I don't know if I could ever handle living inland, if I had to I would definitely need some amazing mountains and large lakes very close! 

10.  I want to shave my head; I always have wanted to at some point in my life and just haven't yet.  By the time of my 30th birthday if I still haven't I will then to celebrate three decades of living! 

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