Picture your first few days and weeks postpartum.  This might be hard if you've never brought a baby home before, but bare with us for a moment.  You're a new mom, new to feeding, new to sleeping (or not sleeping, more likely), new to diaper changes, swaddling, and all of the baby gadgets and gear.  You're also healing from a birth.  And everything has changed.  Granted, things have changed for the better!  There's a new life here and there are a lot of things to learn.  This time only happens once and you and your family deserve to have a positive experience.

Too often, moms and dads are merely doing what they can to survive this postpartum period.  It can be overwhelming and hard.  But your baby is only brand new for a short time, and we know that it's possible to not just survive by the skin of your teeth, but to THRIVE.

Investing in a professionally trained postpartum doula and infant care specialist to help guide you through the beginning is not only important, but the impact of a great start can mean that you're set up for a life-long positive parenting journey and relationship with your baby and the rest of your family.

  • Support whatever parenting style(s) you and your family resonate with?  Postpartum doulas do that.
  • Meal prep, grocery shopping, healthy meals for the family? Postpartum doulas do that.
  • Light housekeeping?  Postpartum doulas do that.
  • Guidance with swaddling, diapering, babywearing, breastfeeding, pumping, and bottle feeding? Postpartum doulas do that.
  • Nighttime wake-ups with baby for feedings?  Postpartum doulas do that.
  • Sibling care? Postpartum doulas do that.
  • Provide care for baby while you bathe, shower, work out, relax, eat, run an errand, or anything else you would like to do with your time?  Postpartum doulas do that.
  • Be a listening ear and a friend to keep you company in those lonely first few months?  Postpartum doulas do that, too.