THRIVE TV: Doulas Aren't Just for Hippies!

...although if you are a hippie, that's cool, too.

On the second episode of THRIVE TV, I'm chatting with another THRIVE doula, Elisha, about her wildly different experiences as a doula.  She's supported women and families in scheduled cesareans; unplanned cesareans; home, birth center, and hospital births; unmedicated births; birth with epidurals (that were planned and unplanned); VBACs; and more!

Please share with us--If you've considered hiring a doula or hired a doula before, tell us your experience!

We're hosting a "Meet the Doula" night at our pregnancy group on March 24, 2018! We'll be there to chat, talk about all things pregnancy/birth/postpartum/parenting, and answer your questions about doulas.

Visit the Facebook event for more details: