**Group and private classes available**

Childbirth is an amazing and challenging experience.

The day your baby is born will be the most important day of your life.

You want to rock this birth with joy, health, and a sense of accomplishment that YOU DID IT.

The secret is out: You CAN have an amazing natural birth!


We designed this workshop because there is a need for a fun and effective class on the Eastern Shore specifically for women who are planning a natural childbirth.  

We know that you're busy and a 4-week long or 12-week long class isn't realistic in your schedule.

Our one-day class (plus all of the extra perks!) is more than enough to plan and prepare for a beautiful, natural childbirth.

Past participants of THRIVE childbirth workshops have gone on to have life-changing and incredible birth experiences!

"I feel more informed, confident, relaxed, and empowered as I approach my due date.  I would recommend this class to any expectant
mother who wants to find a space to prepare for birth that is welcoming, informative, and reflective." 

“This course was extremely informative.  It answered questions I wouldn’t have known to even ask”

“I loved and looked forward to learning all about my body and my baby and what I am capable of”

Why this class is awesome

  • It's complete.  In addition to the one-day workshop where you'll learn all of the tips and tools for a natural birth, you'll receive a handbook with tons of other information and articles to read, access to a secret Facebook group comprised of all of the members of the course so that you can continue communicating and learning from each other after the workshop is over, and a private consultation with your facilitator, Maria, to design your birth plan.

  • It's fun!  This is not your grandmother's childbirth education course.  We have fun, joke around, learn from each other, and you get the opportunity to connect with your partner as you prepare to bring your baby into the world!

  • It's midwife and doula recommended! This course is created by doula and owner of Thrive, and approved by local doulas and midwives. The workshop is 100% evidence-based.  We focus on using tried and true methods for achieving a healthy, natural, labor and delivery.

  • It's in an awesome location! Both of our Easton and Berlin classes are hosted in beautiful wellness studios! We’re grateful to have their amazing spaces for our class, and you’ll also be supporting a local small business!

  • It's personalized!  Every class is different because every birthing woman is different!  We will cover the basics of preparing for a natural birth and also meet all of your goals and concerns for your very own birth.

  • It's perfect for dads and partners!  Your birth partner (whether it's your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, friend, or sister) will learn the most important tips and tools for supporting you through this experience so that you can both enjoy this life-transforming event!

  • It's affordable!  At only $149, it's one of the least expensive classes around, and is the only class designed specifically for you!

"Kindred Hearts Community Midwifery encourages all our families to attend CBE classes.
The one taught by Maria at THRIVE is one of the most thorough I've ever had the pleasure to witness.
We at Kindred Hearts highly recommend this course. You won't regret it."

--Susan DiNatale, CPM, Kindred Hearts Community Midwifery


Topics covered in the workshop

  • What to expect in labor and childbirth.  We'll go through the entire process start to finish so that you're not surprised by anything!  

  • Comfort measures.  Breathing techniques, pain management, massages and labor positions.  We'll cover it all.

  • Tools and tips for partners.  Your partner will leave with a tool bag full of ways that he/she can support you in the best way during your labor.

  • Tools for making decisions in the birthing process.  Birth is unpredictable, crazy, and amazing all at the same time.  We'll discuss some suggestions for how to make important decisions if and when they happen for you.

  • Addressing fears and concerns.  No birth is without fears and doubts.  You'll get advice about how to process fears, move through them, and experience birth with joy!

  • Birth planning overview.  The handbook will include a birth plan template, ideas for how to make those decisions, and a free 30 minute birth planning consultation with your facilitator.

  • How to plan for a healthy and fulfilling experience all around.  Don't forget about pregnancy and postpartum!  We'll share the best recommendations for enjoying this pregnancy, preparing for a healthy birth, and how to prepare for a healthy and fulfilling experience with a new little one.

You will leave this course feeling empowered and looking forward to your pregnancy and birth.
Don’t just survive your pregnancy and your birth, THRIVE!


Saturday, July 20—EASTON

Sunday, August 25—BERLIN

Saturday, September 28—EASTON

Sunday, October 20—BERLIN

Saturday, November 16—EASTON

Sunday, December 15—BERLIN

Berlin Location: Little Dreamers Wellness Center,
 617 Franklin Ave
Easton Location: Coastal Retreat, 717 Goldsborough St

Can't attend the group class? Or do you prefer a class in the privacy of your own home?

We offer one-day private sessions with you and your partner/birth team to prepare for baby's arrival, no matter what your plan is!

CONTACT US to schedule!

“I feel so informed and empowered.  I’m so glad I was able to hear other people’s experiences”

“I loved the small group setting”

“I’m so glad I took this course.  It prepared us in a different way than any other class could have”

“I learned a lot about how to help my wife through birth positively"