The Birth Dream Team

I recently attended a birth with what I would consider the "Birth Dream Team".  I was so inspired by the way that every professional and support person in the room made the birthing woman the complete priority that I felt I needed to share.  Unfortunately, this isn't what I've experienced every time in the past (for various reasons), but when the dream team comes together and treats the birthing woman and her baby with dignity and respect, she feels calm, supported, loved, and confident.  Who wouldn't want to feel that way on the day that their baby is being born?!

This is what comprises the Birth Dream Team:

1. A fantastic OB or midwife (or both!) who both respect the birthing woman and her wishes and who bring their expertise to the L&D room.

2. A nurse who makes everyone else's job easier.  To be a fabulous nurse is to basically be a gift from Heaven.  When you see and work with a fabulous nurse, you know it.  And you never forget it.  They are patient, kind, helpful, incredibly intelligent, and probably have thousands of hours of experience under their belts.

3. A supportive and attentive doula that you trust.  The best doulas are nonjudgmental, spend just as much time creating the environment that the birthing woman desires as they do hands-on labor support, and give every second of their time to being as present as possible and responsive to the needs of the individual birthing woman and her partner.  

4. An amazing and supportive birthing partner.  This doesn't always mean that it's the baby's father, although it often is.  Sometimes it's a mother, a great friend, or anyone else in the woman's life who loves her and loves this baby.

The Birth Dream Team works together with only one goal in mind: To use their individual strengths and expertise to guide a birthing woman in achieving the beautiful, safe, healthy, happy birth that she desires.  All members of the team respect each other and understand the important roles of the other members.  And all members treat birthing woman and baby with respect, dignity, love, and compassion.

When you are looking to hire your Birth Dream Team, contact us to learn about your local options and how you can prepare for the birth you want!