Thrive Spotlight: Maria Mengel

We want you to get to know us... the real us.  We're all a little quirky and fun.  For our first installment of Thrive Spotlight--Get to know the owner of Thrive Birth Services, Maria Mengel!  

10 Fun Facts about Maria:

  1. I didn't read the Harry Potter series until I was 28 years old.  And now I'm in love with Hogwarts.
  2. I had my nose pierced in 2006.  My nose ring fell out that year on a cruise and the hole closed.  I've been waiting ever since to get it re-pierced.  Maybe I should just bite the bullet?
  3. My favorite foods and drinks are: coffee, chocolate, Mexican food, Italian food, and dill pickles.
  4. I LOATHE flying on airplanes.  I've done it.  I'll probably do it again.  But you can't make me like it!
  5. My favorite part about attending births is not actually the moment of birth.  It's saying goodbye.  Is that weird?  I only say goodbye when I know everyone is happy, resting, and comfortable with their new baby.  It feels so good to see that they're ready to rest and bond with their baby after all of that hard and beautiful work.
  6. I once ran a half marathon.  It was awesome.  But I will never do it again.  I'm way too busy to run for two hours.
  7. I'm a musician!  I studied music in college, taught public school music for 5 years, and still teach french horn lessons privately.
  8. If I was a multi-millionaire, the first things I would buy are: a Mini Cooper, a very expensive mattress, and a bunch of chandeliers for my house.
  9. My daughters, Clara and Jane, are almost 20 months apart.  My sister, Bryana, and I, are almost 20 months apart.  I pray that someday my daughters will have as beautiful a friendship as Bryana and I have.
  10. I met my husband at West Virginia University.  We were both studying music.  We bonded while binge-watching The Office together and still make Office quotes and references every day in our house.

Read more about Maria's bio here.  Tell me a fun fact about you!