Thrive Spotlight: Chloe French

We're back with another installment of Thrive Spotlight.  We love when our clients really get to know us, so we are sharing some fun and interesting facts with you!  Up next, we're casting the spotlight on the fabulous doula, Chloe French.

1. I was born in Salisbury, MD and raised in Berlin, MD. Even though I have lived in a bunch of other places over the years, this is always home. I love the Eastern Shore! 

2. I have big big love for British television - especially period dramas. Downton Abbey, Call the Midwife (of course!), the old Pride & Prejudice, Victoria...the list goes on and on. Recently I've even gotten into their modern crime shows. 

3. I have traveled to Canada, Ireland, England, France, Guatemala, Mexico, and 28 US states. 

4. I love learning foreign languages. I have a personal goal to learn Gaelic, Swedish, and a Mayan dialect just for funsies. 

5. Two years ago, I shaved my head. It was an incredible experience and sometimes I miss having no hair. 

6. I've always considered myself more of a mountain person, but lately I've been falling in love with the water. Winter has always been my favorite season, but lately I've been drawn to spring.

7. I suck at math.  Numbers just aren't my thing. My superpower is curiosity. This world is endlessly fascinating.  

8. For my whole life, I have been *obsessed* with all things vintage - specifically 1920s - early 1960s. Example: In middle school, I listened exclusively to big band, only watched old black and white movies, styled my hair in rollers, and wore red lipstick. Actually...I still do that. The 1940s are my favorite decade & style, but I probably own more 1950s clothing. I am an avid collector of vintage clothing reproductions. And if I had things my way, I would come to every birth dressed from Call the Midwife. 

9. Once upon a time, I had a private voice lesson with opera singer Renee Fleming in her home. I was a classical voice student at the time. It was amazing. She was one of the most gracious people I've ever met in my life. What a great memory!!

10. I cry when the baby is born and held in mama's arms for the very first time. Almost 200 births and it still gets me every time. The joy and love in the room is simply overwhelming! The last postpartum visit is another tearjerker. During pregnancy and birth, you become so close to the family that you don't want that relationship to end. It's a sweet bond between doula and family. And thankfully, often those clients become treasured friends. 

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