Chloe French

Birth Doula
Postpartum Doula

Chloe’s journey with birth began with a flyer on the bulletin board of the campus post office about ten years ago.  She spent all of the money that was intended for her college textbooks on a doula training and made excellent use of the library that summer.  When she attended her first birth, she was in awe of the stunning beauty of bringing another life to Earth. 

Chloe is known by her friends, family, and clients as an incredibly passionate and motivated person.  She has a heart for community, women and families, and children.  Her experience attending births (nearly 200 of them!) has given her the expertise and confidence to guide women, but her humility allows her always be open to opportunities for learning.  Her passions are in educating other doulas to make birth better for women.  She founded her own doula training program—The Bluebird Doula Seminar—and has trained all of the Thrive doulas to be the best doulas on the Eastern Shore.

Chloe is a classically trained singer and wannabe aerialist who lives in Berlin, MD with her two crazy dogs.