THRIVE Spotlight: Meisha Shockley

We're thrilled, honored, and excited to be adding Meisha Shockley to the THRIVE team as a postpartum and infant care doula!  As with all of our other doulas, we want you to get to know the real Meisha.  That's why we're putting the "spotlight" on Meisha to share 10 fun facts about herself!  Don't forget to check out Elisha's, Maria's, and Chloe's spotlights, too!

1. I love to travel! I want to visit every state at least once.

2. I have a family full of girls. 3 daughters and even our fish is a female.  That means my poor husband is way out numbered.

3. I'm slightly obsessed about mental health. I have a BA in rehabilitation and I cant get enough of it! I love keeping myself up to date on the newest diagnoses and when no one is around I like watching documentaries.

4. Christmas is a way of life; a feeling you carry in your heart throughout the year. I literally count down the days every.single.year.

5. Two things that strangely make me happy are 1) city lights, and 2) watching snow fall at night.

6. I was born and raised in NY. I love visiting but I think I've gotten use to the quietness of country living.

7. Seafood above any other food. No questions asked.

8. Every time I travel somewhere new I find the nearest Target and check it out.

9. Moms are my favorite people ever. I love it when I meet a fresh momma who is in her honeymoon phase with her baby. That raw love and emotion that mommas carry in their postpartum period is pure MAGIC!

10. I'm a picture freak. I take pictures all-of-the-time. I have like a thousand photo albums at home.

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