Meisha Shockley

Postpartum Doula

Meisha always knew she wanted to be a mother.  She's now a mom to three beautiful girls.  Her journey with three pregnancies, a premature baby, a long NICU stay at Anne Arundel Medical Center, and her experience raising her daughters led her to her true passion: mothering.  She is the perfect addition to the THRIVE team because her incredible heart for community is exactly what we care about.  A business owner herself, Meisha is a hard-working, truly heartfelt doula who is always a joy to have in the room.  

Anyone who gets the opportunity to know Meisha knows that her desire to help guide mothers and families is evident through her work.  She not only gives moms and dads that warm fuzzy feeling to have another person in the house whose goal is for the family to thrive, but they all end up forming lasting relationships and laughing their way into parenthood. 

Meisha's favorite things are being a momma to her three girls, a wife to her hardworking husband, learning more about mental health as it relates to new parents, cruising around a Target store, and traveling near and far.