THRIVE TV: The Magic of the Bedside Bin

Well, this was something else. Why is being on camera so flipping hard? I was extremely vulnerable. Nervous. A little embarrassed. But I knew I wanted to see if I could do it.

Then, I realized. Dude, that's how my clients feel in labor when I'm supporting them! If they can do that, I can make a flipping video and put it out into the world with hopes that it will help someone!

So, that's what we're doing. Today, we're launching THRIVE TV!!!!!! And we're chatting all about the magic of the BEDSIDE BIN.


Okay, now please make me feel like it was worth it! Share your postpartum item that you needed at your side at all times! And if you're pregnant or want to give the AMAZING gift of a pre-made bedside bin to a pregnant friend, click here to grab that free PDF with a list of all of the items you can add to your bedside bin!