THRIVE TV: The Magic of the Bedside Bin

Well, this was something else. Why is being on camera so flipping hard? I was extremely vulnerable. Nervous. A little embarrassed. But I knew I wanted to see if I could do it.

Then, I realized. Dude, that's how my clients feel in labor when I'm supporting them! If they can do that, I can make a flipping video and put it out into the world with hopes that it will help someone!

So, that's what we're doing. Today, we're launching THRIVE TV!!!!!! And we're chatting all about the magic of the BEDSIDE BIN.


Okay, now please make me feel like it was worth it! Share your postpartum item that you needed at your side at all times! And if you're pregnant or want to give the AMAZING gift of a pre-made bedside bin to a pregnant friend, click here to grab that free PDF with a list of all of the items you can add to your bedside bin!

The First Day

I would have 100 babies just so I could have the first 24 hours back again 100 times.  But then I'd have 100 kids and I'd have to give birth 100 times. #nothanks

The entire pregnancy you're anxiously waiting to meet this little baby.  Toward the end of pregnancy (or maybe throughout the entire pregnancy) you're growing uncomfortable and the physical symptoms are starting to take over.  You're excited, but you may be experiencing pain, sleeplessness, heartburn, morning sickness, pelvic pain and pressure, etc.  Then you have to move through an entire labor and birth experience, which may be short or long, difficult or not, possibly involve a major surgery, and is guaranteed to be a very intense mental, physical, and emotional experience.  

And then it happens.  The baby is here. YOUR baby is here.

And somehow, all that stuff melts away.  Time stands still.  The world stops turning just for you.  I've often thought that there could quite literally be a tornado directly out my window at the moment of birth and I wouldn't have cared less.  The largest rush of oxytocin IN YOUR WHOLE LIFE is directly after your baby's birth.  Oxytocin is a love hormone that is designed to facilitate bonding, love, and also stimulate uterine contractions to expel your placenta and stimulate the uterus's postpartum work.  This rush of oxytocin is why we can feel on top of the world after birth.  And that, combined with all of the other hormonal work, gives us the feeling of immediate relief, love, joy, ecstasy, shock, and everything else that instantly comes with giving birth. 

Not too long afterward, we begin to notice the aches and pains, but this time we have a baby in our arms.  You're hungry and thirsty, and you don't care how food and water gets to you but simply that it does.  There's no sweating the small stuff the day of birth.   

Because remember?  The world stopped.  There's nothing to worry about.  

It's such a strange and weird feeling.  To have a soft, squishy belly.  To feel for your baby and realize she's not there anymore, but instead laying beside you.  Everything is new again.  You go to the bathroom and quickly realize that everything is new there, too.  You are about to take a nap, and then remember you have another little human to consider.  You look in the mirror and aren't quite sure what you see. Your friends and family may be around, but you are almost on another planet.  Not in a bad "checked out" kind of way.  But more like you're only thinking of you, baby, and that birth.  Everyone else is just kind of "there".  

Your organs feel like they're dangling in free space in your belly.  They used to be all squished up in there and now they're making their way back to their original spot and it's a strange feeling.  This alternate reality?  It feels suspiciously good.  Is it possible to feel so out-of-this-world without drugs or alcohol?  The birth high is real.

You don't really jump back into any type of reality that's worth thinking about until the next day.  There's so much to celebrate! I could do the first 24 hours 100 times over.  They're so special, sacred, rare, and dare I say it?  So, so strange.  And I like to savor it.  And I hope you do, too. 


^^^ Within the first hour of birth with my first daughter, Clara, who will be turning 4 this week.  I'm feeling super nostalgic about her birth, which prompted this blog post today.  XO-Maria

What is Placenta Encapsulation?

Placenta encapsulation is becoming more and more popular among women on the Eastern Shore and all over the country.  Women are hiring professionals to prepare their placenta into a capsule form to be ingested.  The process is simple; the service can be completed in a few days; and taking the capsules can provide immense benefits to a new mother.

Your placenta is the only disposable organ that your body will ever grow and then release on its own.  It exists so that your baby exists.  Your placenta is the source of all of your baby's oxygen, nutrients, and hormones during pregnancy.  Your baby is attached to his placenta via his umbilical cord.  Your baby carries a special bond with this very special organ.  

The value of your placenta does not decrease just because your baby has been born.

After the birth of your baby, your uterus contracts, releases the placenta from its wall, and then your placenta is born.  At some point, the baby is usually separated from the placenta by clamping and cutting his umbilical cord.  If you're not planning to have your placenta prepared, you probably won't ever see it again.  But if you're in the growing population of women who seek optimal postpartum health, you may be considering placenta encapsulation.  Believe it or not, almost all mammals consume their placenta after birth. 

The reported benefits of placenta encapsulation include:

  • Lessened the likelihood or severity of postpartum depression or "baby blues"

  • Replenished iron from blood loss during birth

  • Stabilized hormones and provided a consistent flow of oxytocin after birth euphoria ends

  • Established early and healthy milk supply

  • Replenished B vitamins and energy after birth

  • Natural pain relief after birth

If you've chosen to hire a placenta encapsulation specialist, your placenta will either be steamed first and then cut, or simply cut raw, dehydrated to release all moisture, ground into a fine powder, and then carefully placed into capsules.  

If your placenta is prepared by Thrive Birth Services of Delmarva, you will receive your capsules within 72 hours so that you can begin to reap the benefits as early as possible.  Your placenta specialist always upholds the utmost safety standards.   The placenta encapsulation package includes an in-person or phone consultation during pregnancy, finished capsules in a glass jar, an umbilical cord keepsake, instructions for storage,  and suggestions for dosage.  

Placenta encapsulation has been described as your "insurance policy" to a healthy postpartum.   Visit our services page to read more about placenta encapsulation and how it can benefit you.

Netflix and Newborns

You've just settled down in your home with your new, squishy baby.  You are spending A LOT of time resting, healing, eating, and feeding your newborn.  You're staring at your baby's sweet, sleeping face.  You shouldn't have many household responsibilities yet.  But what about the rest of the day?  What to do with all of those hours while you're healing and bonding with your baby?  Here's a list of some awesome (and probably addicting) Netflix shows that you can binge-watch during your early postpartum.   Important disclaimer: Your hormones may still be fluctuating quite a bit, so you can pick and choose your show based on what mood you're in.

If... want to laugh: New Girl. Zooey Deschanel doesn't disappoint with this comedy sitcom.  A little ridiculous, a little romance, a lot funny. want to turn your brain off: Parks and Recreation. As hysterical as this show is, it requires just about zero brain activity to enjoy.  When you've got a new baby and your life has just changed completely, sometimes a comical and light-hearted show is just what you need. actually want to use your thinking brain for something other than examining the color of the diaper changes: Scandal. Fair warning: you won't be able to stop watching this drama series. want to cry: Parenthood. Sometimes you gotta let it out.  Parenthood is an excellent drama series about a large family and all of their struggles and triumphs.  You are guaranteed at least one good cry per episode. are feeling nostalgic: The Wonder Years. Did you forget that this show even existed?  Yeah, me too.  But I cant. Stop. Watching. are feeling ornery: Orange is the New Black. Has anyone started watching this show and actually not loved it?  Fair warning: If you're easily offended by nudity, foul language, or violence, this isn't the show for you. want to watch re-runs of the best show of all time: Roseanne. This may be my personal opinion (well, okay, it definitely is), but it doesn't get better than the Conners. 

Did you binge-watch any shows while you were feeding and relaxing with your newborn?  Which ones were your favorite?