Beebe Healthcare: THANK YOU!

Recently, I picked up a placenta for an encapsulation client from Beebe Healthcare in Lewes, DE for the first time.  I was so pleased with my experience I had to share it with our other clients and community members who may be planning a birth at Beebe!

Everything was so easy and straightforward.  I parked in the parking garage, followed the signs to Labor & Delivery (where my client was) and was greeted by a sweet nurse at the nurse's station.  I introduced myself and explained that I was there to see a client for encapsulation.  She went to my client's room to check and make sure it was okay that I come in now (as you know--sometimes things can be overwhelming after birth and I think she was being polite by asking first before busting in the room with me).  After getting the okay, I went in to see a quiet, clean room, where the new daddy was sitting in a comfy chair holding a freshly born and freshly swaddled warm and healthy baby.  My client was showering with the help of another nurse.  I talked to daddy for a few minutes and then was greeted by my client, who looked clean, happy, and beautiful!  She had just given birth 3 hours ago and was on her feet, with a huge smile, embracing me!  She recounted her birth story while her nurse was close by smiling and complimenting how great she did in labor.  

The nurse asked me a few questions about placenta encapsulation and asked if she packaged and stored the placenta properly with Thrive's transportation kit.  She did, of course.  My client complimented the nurse, her midwife, and the staff at Beebe multiple times, as she had a great birthing experience.  

A few weeks ago, this client's care provider at Bayside Health Association raised a few concerns and questions about encapsulation and encouraged her to get in touch with me and ask about my safety and sanitation practices, and my opinion about encapsulation under certain circumstances.  I was so grateful to be able to share my knowledge and expertise with my client and help to clear some things up with her providers, who were looking out for her safety!  How amazing that they brought important information to her attention and then gave her the freedom to do her own research.  When she reported back after speaking with me, they were on board!

I was so impressed with how easy and simple the encapsulation process was, how amazing my client was treated, how relaxed and at ease the staff was, and how open they were to talking with me and sharing.  Beebe Healthcare: I'll be back!

--Maria Mengel, Owner of THRIVE and Placenta Encapsulation Specialist