Placenta Services

Placenta services are becoming more and more popular among birthing women who desire optimal physical and emotional health after the birth of their babies.  Our placenta encapsulation specialists are professionally trained by the International Placenta and Postpartum Association (IPPA) and work using the highest of safety standards and protocol.  Mothers who have had their placentas encapsulated have shared some of the benefits:

  • Lessened the likelihood or severity of postpartum depression or "baby blues"

  • Replenished iron from blood loss during birth.

  • Stabilized hormones and providing a consistent flow of oxytocin after birth euphoria ends

  • Established early and healthy milk supply

  • Replenished B vitamins and energy after birth

  • Natural pain relief after birth

Placenta Encapsulation Package Includes:
A phone or Skype consultation during pregnancy
Transportation Kit mailed to you around 35 weeks of pregnancy (branded cooler, instructions, and ice bags)
Completed placenta capsules in amber jar
Instructions for storage
Suggestions for recommended dosage
Umbilical Cord Keepsake, if possible

Add-on item: Placenta Print (see below)

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"I'm very happy I decided to encapsulate my placenta.  It was helpful in stabilizing my mood in the weeks and months following my birth.  I still have some for days when I feel a little "off".  I highly recommend hiring Maria.  She answered all of my questions and even got my capsules to me the next day!" -Danielle, Salisbury, MD