Doula Myth #3: Doulas Can Interfere with the Mother/Partner Bond

We've been exploring the most common doula myths out there.  Check out Doula Myth #1 and Doula Myth #2.  A common misconception about doulas is that they are there to "replace" the birthing partner.  Let's do some myth busting, shall we?

You're considering hiring a doula for support during your labor.  You have a partner who is interested in a the process and wants to take an active role in physical and emotional support on the day that your baby will be born.  But you may be apprehensive about bringing another supportive person onto the team, out of fear that your doula will "replace" the partner or that the doula may interfere with the mother/partner bond in this incredibly intimate experience.

Your partner is the expert on YOU.  Your doula is the expert on BIRTH.

A fantastic doula recognizes the importance of safety, comfort, and intimacy in the birth experience and does everything she can to foster it.  Sometimes that means offering suggestions to the partner for ways to physically support the birthing woman.  Sometimes it means stepping out of the way to facilitate and encourage a more intimate experience.  Sometimes it means giving the partner reassurance that she's still being cared for while he's in the restroom, grabbing something to eat, or taking a rest.  

A doula is there to support the birthing family as a unit.  Many partners have expressed their gratefulness to have a trusted support person there who better understands the process of labor and birth simply to calm their nerves and say "She's doing great.  This is normal."

What an amazing feeling it is to know that the woman that you love is being supported in the best way possible during the most important event of her life!

Our doulas recognize, respect, and understand the importance of a supportive and loving partner in the birth process.  We consider it an incredible honor to be able to ease the family's minds and help them learn how to best support each other while they bring their child into the world.