Doula Myth #2: Doulas are Only for Natural Births

Ready for Week Two of our Doula Myth series?  We hope our community can learn something awesome each week about our doulas and our dedication and commitment to the health and happiness of our pregnant and parenting community.

Which brings us to Doula Myth #2: Doulas are only for natural births.  If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me "I wish I could have had a doula!  But... I had a c-section/epidural/induction/etc", then I would be rich.  Yes, doulas are experts on the natural and normal process of labor and birth.  But guess what?  We're also experts on giving you evidence-based information about whatever type of birth you're planning!  And we're also experts at supporting you through whatever birth you desire or ultimately have.  And we're experts at being non-judgmental, unbiased, supportive, and flexible when things don't go according to plan.  We're experts at providing the very best professional care that we have to offer, no matter what type of birth you're planning.

Most people who call us do so because they are planning a natural birth and want some support and guidance with that.  And that's fabulous!  But some people who call us do so because they are planning something different.  And sometimes plans change, too.  And we're here for you every step of the way.  Ultimately, when we are hired to support a birthing woman and/or family, we carry no responsibility for the physical outcome of her birth. That allows us the space, time, and room to give her and her family the undivided and continuous physical and emotional support and education that they want.  What we desire is for the birthing woman to feel fulfilled, satisfied, and like she THRIVED in her experience into motherhood.  And satisfaction can come in many forms for many types of people and types of births.  Someone with a scheduled cesarean can look back on her experience knowing that she was safe, comfortable, happy, and made great decisions for her and her baby.  Someone with a home water birth can look back on her experience knowing the exact same thing.   

Our doulas have attended elective cesareans, medically necessary scheduled cesareans, inductions, births with planned and unplanned epidurals, births in hospitals, birthing centers, and even at home.  If you know that you can benefit from having a doula present at your birth, no matter what kind of birth you're planning, give us a call to set up a free consultation.

Do you wish you had a doula present at your birth?