Why Women are Hiring a Postpartum Doula

Anyone who has experienced childbirth and the subsequent postpartum time with a newborn certainly knows it is no easy task.  Our bodies are healing from birthing our babies, we're tired, our hormones are on a roller coaster, and we're spending so much time learning to feed and love our babies that there's little time for anything else.  

Before we became a culture of nuclear families (family groups consisting of a pair of adults and their children--and sometimes only one adult and children), we drew support from our communities and extended families during this crucial time.  Our community of women took care of the cleaning, cooking, and care of our other children.  They assisted us with the important first few weeks of establishing an excellent breastfeeding and sleeping relationship with our babies.  They guided us through the unknown waters of life as a mother and shared with us that what we were experiencing was normal.  They were the gentle and reassuring experts of postpartum and mothering.  As they say, "it takes a village".  Unfortunately, in our culture and society, that village doesn't exist anymore.

Your postpartum doula brings the village to you.

Research reveals that the early postpartum time has an impact on divorce rates, breastfeeding, mental health, and eating habits.  Investing in the health and happiness of your family by hiring a postpartum doula is a step that you can make to ensure that you and your family are thriving in your first few weeks and months of change.  Thrive Birth Services of Delmarva offers postpartum packages to support our community in achieving optimal health and happiness in this most precious time.  

Did you hire a postpartum doula after your birth?  Do you wish you had?  If you have questions, check out our postpartum doula page or contact us for more information.