Pregnant on the Eastern Shore?

Raise your hand if you're pregnant on the Eastern Shore!  There is a growing network of expecting mothers on Delmarva.  The Facebook group Pregnant on the Eastern Shore is a community of pregnant and early postpartum mothers (up to 12 weeks) living on Delmarva.

Women are using this space to connect, ask questions, make friendships, and share their pregnancy and birth journeys.  

When circles of local women make connections and support each other, amazing things happen!  We live our pregnancies with passion and community.  We have friends to talk to who can understand our situations, struggles, and triumphs. We have a place to go when we need to be heard and we can feel safe, comfortable, and know that others will be there to support us.

Beginning in July, Thrive Birth Services of Delmarva will host occasional birth circles and workshops for pregnant and newly postpartum mothers on the Shore so that you will have an opportunity to meet the women in this group and form lasting friendships.  It has always been the main goal of Thrive to build a pregnancy and birth community on Delmarva.

If you are expecting, please join Pregnant on the Eastern Shore on Facebook and introduce yourself!