Six Reasons Why Breastfeeding on the Beach is Amazing

There's something special about the beach.  Maybe it's the sand in your toes.  Maybe it's the sound of the waves lapping.  Or maybe it's the hot sun warming your skin.  Being on the beach can be refreshing, relaxing, and healthy!  Of course our babies would love it, too!  Here are the top reasons to feed your baby on the beach:

1. Vitamin D.  While you're enjoying yourself watching the waves roll in, you and your baby are being saturated with Vitamin D.  It is known that most adults and breastfed infants are probably lacking in Vitamin D.  Rather than supplementing you and/or your baby, take advantage of the biologically normal way to attain sufficient levels of this hormone.  Vitamin D is fundamental to good health!

2. Grounding.  Your immune system functions optimally when you have an adequate supply of electrons, which are easily obtained by barefoot contact with the Earth.  Believe it or not, sinking your bare feet into the sand is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory!

3. Connecting with nature.  We don't get enough opportunities in today's world to be outside and connect with nature.  Studies have shown that our connections with nature can provide marked improvements in one's health, happiness, and well-being.

4. Skin to skin.  It seems like most people are now aware of the impact that skin-to-skin with your baby can have on a baby's first few hours of life.  But what about after that?  Our babies can still benefit from being skin-to-skin with us anytime!  Research shows that the experience of being touched has direct effects on the growth of our bodies and minds.  You're more likely at the beach to be baring more skin while breastfeeding.  Take advantage of this opportunity for some extra cuddles.

5. Being around people.  How many women have been at home with their newborns for the first few months while their partners are at work?  How many of us can feel lonely in this day-to-day lifestyle?  Even if you're an introvert, use this excuse to make small talk with others.  If you're living on the Eastern Shore, you're guaranteed to be surrounded by people at the beach in the Summer.  Sometimes it can be refreshing to "people watch".  Watch some kids boogie boarding, watch a couple holding hands for a walk, watch a family feeding their children lunch.  

6.  The waves act as white noise.  Being in the sun, hearing the waves crash, and nursing might just be the perfect combination to lull your baby to sleep.  You will have a chance to take a much deserved nap, read a book, or play in the waves.

All of these amazing benefits can apply to bottle-fed babies, too!  Have you ever fed your baby on the beach?