25 Reasons Why Labor & Delivery Nurses are Amazing!

HAPPY NATIONAL NURSES WEEK!  All nurses really deserve 365 days of recognition per year, not 7!  We asked clients, friends, midwives, community members, and each other why labor and delivery nurses were awesome.  We want to share some the information we collected because nurses rock!

L&D Nurses: Thank you for everything that you do and for being the best nurses to our clients!
From: The THRIVE Team—Maria Mengel, Elisha Immanuel, and Chloe French

1.     They are patient.

2.    They do an amazing job taking care of our placenta encapsulation clients so that they can just revel in their new baby.

3.    They care about their patients.

4.    They care about birth.

5.    They make birth better.

6.    They help prevent cesarean sections.

7.    They are SO smart.

8.    They have amazing instincts and follow their intuition.

9.    They are a calming presence if a woman is feeling out of control.

10.  They are fun!

11.   They take their time to make sure their patients are taken care of.

12.  They make you feel beautiful!

13.  They deal with placentas, poop, and blood daily and don’t bat an eye.

14.  They give you the inside scoop on the best (and worst) hospital food.

15.  They give the older siblings stickers and tell them how proud they are of them!

16.  They were genuinely “as much in the birth” as me.

17.  They held my hand during a tough IV stick.  That little gesture meant so much.

18.  They are amazing teachers!  They educate patients, providers, students, and administration.

19.  They are at the front lines of change.

20. They respected by birth plan, even though it may have been crazy.

21.  They took time to help me calm down when things didn’t go according to plan.

22. They were so kind when my client’s feet were so cold and got heating packs and socks and even put them on for her.

23. As a doula, I learn SO MUCH at the bedside from observing the nurses and asking questions.

24. They act quickly and calmly in an emergency. 

25. When I’m confused about what’s going on in the labor and delivery room, I always look to a nurse.  They have all of the answers.

What can you add to this list?