4 Questions to Ask Yourself After a Doula Interview

Yesterday we shared 5 questions to ask in a doula interview.  Today, we want to share some questions that you can ask yourself when deciding whether hiring that doula is right for you...

So, you've interviewed a doula.  Hopefully you had a great chat and spent some time getting to know each other.  Before you decide whether to contract her services, ask yourself a few important questions.

How did I feel when I was talking to this doula?  

Or, more importantly, how do you want to feel in your birthing time?  Did your time with that doula make you feel loved, appreciated, heard, safe, and validated?  Did you feel comfortable expressing yourself?  Do you feel like you could create a trusting relationship with your doula? Chances are, if the answers are yes, then your doula will also be excellent at creating a space for you during your birthing time where you can feel the same way: safe, heard, important, validated, joyful, and loved.

How did my partner feel?

Doulas are there to support the birthing woman AND her partner.  Does your partner feel like they can trust and communicate with her?  Does your partner want to be actively involved with the birth?  If so, does he/she feel like the doula will be a source of support and resources?

Can I afford the services?

When you ask yourself this question, don't just ask yourself if you can afford it.  Ask yourself how important it is to you and then ask yourself if you believe that the value of that particular doula's services are worth the experience that you would have with her.  And if the answer is yes, do everything you can to be able to afford it.  No other day is more important than the day of your baby's birth.  Your investment in your baby's birth will lead you to a life ahead with precious memories of the day that your baby entered your arms and the very best start to your new experience with motherhood.

What does my intuition tell me?

Your intuition is rarely wrong.  Does your gut tell you that you want this doula at your birth to support you?  Then hire her.  Does your gut tell you to call around and interview a few more doulas?  Then trust your intuition.  Meet a few more doulas.

If you want to feel safe, validated, empowered, heard, loved, and comfortable during your birthing time, consider hiring a doula.  Thrive Birth Services of Delmarva has the very best doulas on the Eastern Shore who are passionate, nonjudgemental, and supportive.  

How did you know that your doula was the right one for you?