Special Beginnings Birth & Women's Center: Thank you!

What a powerful experience I just had as an encapsulation specialist!  THRIVE had a placenta encapsulation client who planned a birth at Special Beginnings Birth & Women's Center in Arnold, MD.  I got the call that she had delivered her baby and was headed home in a few hours.  At most freestanding birthing centers, they send new moms and families home after just 4-8 hours!  I met her at her own home less than 10 hours after she gave birth.  I knocked quietly, expecting a tired mama and maybe sleeping baby.  But instead, I was greeted at the door by the baby's father and ushered inside to what seriously looked like a party!  Nearly 15 family members were gathered in a circle in the living room, resting on couches and chairs, celebrating this birth with beer and wine.  They all acknowledged me with a big smile and happy greeting.  And that's when I saw my client.  She was hanging out in a chair, looking radiant, and holding a precious sleeping brand new baby.  She leaped up and walked over to introduce me to their gorgeous daughter!  

She told me about her amazing delivery at Special Beginnings and how their midwives were fantastic.  She shared that she felt 100% prepared for her birth after she attended Thrive's childbirth education class.  She seemed so lively, excited, and happy to have her baby in her arms.  I stayed for a little while, chatting with her family and hearing all about how proud they were of her and grateful they were to her midwives and staff at the birth center.  Before her husband walked me out, he told me how amazing Special Beginnings was and how well they were treated.  They made it easy for the birthing family to keep their placenta and assisted their desired natural birth with compassion and skill.  He told me that they even complimented them for being so well prepared for labor.  He made my day when he told me that he learned all about supporting her from our class!

Every time I pick up a placenta, whether at home or in hospital, it's always amazing, special, and sacred to be in the presence of a new mother and fresh baby.  But this was the first time I walked into a party!  Thank you so much, Special Beginnings, for serving our community.  Thank you for making placenta encapsulation for our community easy and low-stress.  Thank you for giving them the opportunity to celebrate their new baby in their home surrounded by loved ones.  And thank you for offering options for our women and families!