The Best Birth Podcasts

If you're like me, then you can't get your hands on enough birth information when you're pregnant!  There are plenty of books, blogs, articles, and childbirth classes out there.  But what about podcasts?  Podcasts are becoming more and more popular everyday.  You can download them to your phone and listen around the house, in the car, on your walk, in the shower, etc.  I've compiled a list of my favorite birth podcasts to share with you.  Click on the title or picture to get to the itunes page for each podcast.


Doing it at Home

Sarah and Matthew Bivens share their home birth podcast.  They're fun, funny, and super transparent about their experiences.  They share their journey to their own homebirth, some of the topics that came up for them when planning their home birth, and they share lots of interviews with other women who have had home births (including me!).  Even if you're not planning a home birth, these two are worth listening to!

 Dr. Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy Podcast

Dr. Berlin is an LA-based chiropractor and doula!!! He’s interviewed many famous actors and musicians about their birth experiences, and shares other experts and opinions. This podcast is so entertaining! Search for Kat Von D’s and Hilary Duff’s episodes!

Rockstar Birth Radio

According to the host of the podcast, Shalone, this podcast is for "pregnant mamas who are seeking a fabulous birth experience."  If that's you--then this is the podcast to listen to!  She hosts so many guests who share their passionate expertise about how to birth like a rock star!


Taking Back Birth

With nearly 100 podcasts in the archive, Indie Birth Association founder Maryn Green shares her perspective on a bunch of topics ranging from prenatal care to Vitamin K injections, to gestational diabetes, to how to pick the right midwife.  This podcast is for you if you're interested in out-of-hospital birth.


The Birth Hour

Hundred of birth stories.  Literally HUNDREDS.  Bryn Huntpalmer interviews women who have given birth and gives them the opportunity to share their stories.  There are stories for all types of births:  vaginal, cesarean, epidural, induction, natural, hospital birth, home birth, birth center birth, and more.  When you're pregnant, one of the best things that you can do is listen to or read other positive and empowering birth stories. 


The BIRTHFIT Podcast

This pregnancy podcast is hosted by a prenatal chiropractor who just wants to share "the awesomeness that is pregnancy, birth, and being a new parent"!  Almost all of her podcast episodes are interviews with other birth professionals who share their perspectives about any all topics related to pregnancy and birth.


Dr. Stu’s Podcast

A prominent and radical OB in California, Dr. Stu chats with his co-host, midwife Blyss about birth, life, being a care provider, politics, home birth, breech birth, and so much more! One of my favorites!

The Birthful Podcast

According to the host, Adriana Lozada, "Think of us as your own specialized team of birth pros!".  Adriana talks with other birth professionals to share evidence-based information to "inform your intuition".  From breastfeeding to bed-sharing to VBACs, if it's a topic related to the childbearing year, they've probably covered it!


The Cord

Last but not least, The Cord is a mash up of interviews with birth professionals, interviews with regular moms like you and me, and short mini-podcasts with little helpful tips and info for preparing for your childbirth.  Amy Neuhedel is fun, funny, and super passionate about birth! This podcast hasn’t been updated in a long time, but I still go back and listen to the old episodes-there’s GOLD in there!


Do you listen to birth-related podcasts?  What are some of your favorites?