Pregnancy and birth can be overwhelming!  There are a million thoughts.  A million questions.  A million decisions to make!  Your OB or midwife visits may only be a few moments long.  Friends have conflicting opinions and no expertise.  And we all have a love-hate relationship with Google.  It can really be a rabbit hole of contradictory articles, blogs, and stories.

And it doesn’t feel good to go into a birth experience with fear, worry, and anxiety!  Not only can fear contribute to your labor process in a negative way, but it also contributes to your overall satisfaction with your birth experience.   You don’t deserve to walk away from your birth with regrets and sadness!  Heck no! It’s supposed to be the best day of your life!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had someone to share these thoughts with? Who gets it? Who has time to listen?  And who can help?  Hey, that’s a doula!  But not everyone can afford a doula or even wants a doula at their actual birth.  That’s why we’re here.  As prenatal doulas, we offer consultations in person (if you’re local), on the phone, or on Skype.  Some ways that we can help you:

  • Finding evidence-based resources for testing, procedures, and interventions

  • Creating a birth plan that sets you up for an empowering and educated birth experience

  • Listening, and talking through intense or unexpected experiences that may come up during pregnancy

  • Instilling strength in your body, your decision-making capabilities, and your mind

  • Locating resources for you in your area (including breastfeeding help, placenta encapsulation, birth and postpartum doulas, childbirth classes, OBs and midwives, etc)

  • Helping you feel prepared for what to expect in your birth experience

  • Reducing fears for birth, mothering, postpartum, and life after baby!

With one or two individual consultations, we can hit your list together, answer questions, make plans, and help you (and your partner!) feel AT EASE about your upcoming birth!  Or, by investing in a prenatal doula package, you can take advantage of two consultations and unlimited phone/email support throughout the duration of your pregnancy.

Click the “Let's Get Started” button below, fill out your preferences, and I’ll be in contact via phone or email shortly to schedule your consultations (unless I’m at a birth!). 

I’m looking forward to working with you and getting prepared for this fantastic journey!




1 hr. scheduled consultation: $80

Prenatal Doula Package: $350 
(includes 2 scheduled consultations, unlimited phone/email support throughout pregnancy, and on-call period where doula is available 24/7 as your due date nears)