Kelly Gray

Birth Doula
Postpartum Doula

Kelly, known as her roller derby teammates as "Dread", is a pro at combining compassion, passion, and fun!  Of course she makes a fantastic doula!

Her interest in birth work began when her sister in law had her first pregnancy and baby.  She had never heard of the word "doula" before, but knew that she was being pulled to be there for her SIL and support her in pregnancy and postpartum.  When everyone else was taking turns holding the baby, Kelly was at the new mom's bedside, making sure she had food and water, and asking how she was feeling.  In fact, she's always been a nurturing, caring person, and especially with new mothers.  Imagine her surprise when she discovered that it was an actual career path!

Kelly is a hairdresser,  a teammate on the Salisbury Rollergirls, an aunt to the best baby boy in the world, enjoys crocheting, and is a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady.