Catie Pusey

Postpartum & Infant Care Doula

When Catie was in nursing school, she started peaking an interest in pregnancy and childbirth.  She isn't ashamed to admit that instead of studying for her nursing boards she would find herself staying up late at night reading books about childbirth!  Don't worry--she still passed her boards!

As a nurse, she's able to help others and serve the Delmarva community, but her true passion lies with women and children.  It wasn't until her first baby was born that she realized the importance of support in the fourth trimester.  

Catie is a calming presence (probably from all of those years working in an OR), yet truly hysterical and a joy to be around!  She captures the eyes of babies and is the woman you want around when you come home from the hospital.  When asked what she loves, Catie responded "Making people laugh, my daughter's personality, grocery shopping alone, and eating dessert.  Not necessarily in that order."